June 2, 2019

Aron Leaman

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Aron Leaman



Aron started blowing and sculpting glass in 2001 when he was in high school and was lucky enough to find his passion at a young age. He then went on attend Franklin Pierce University developing a strong understanding of the fundamentals of glass blowing while still experimenting with sculpture and color. After graduating he worked for and studied with glass masters from around the world. He has been creating and selling his own works since 2009 and currently owns and operates Mill City Glass Works in Lowell, Ma.

All of the works are created in the hot shop by blowing and shaping molten glass. The glass is colored using different techniques some traditional and others developed through years of experimentation. The artist has dedicated his life to color and each piece has its own unique color applications. When people see his work he likes to leave them pondering with a smile on their face how did he do that?