June 2, 2019

Cheryl Aldridge

Posted in 2015, 2017, Painting, Participating Artists

Cheryl Aldridge



Cheryl Aldridge is a watercolor artist located on Beacon Hill in Boston. A recipient of a BA in French and an MBA in International Business, she had a long career in Prudential’s real estate investment department, followed by management and fundraising at Boston’s iconic Old North Church and successful fundraising for Historic New England. Having no formal art education, she started taking Studio Art Classes at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts in 1994 – drawing, oil and soft pastels, and oil painting. After a Plein Air workshop in France (led by MFA instructor Judy Ryan), she progressed to watercolors in 2002, being more convenient for travel. Despite the complex transition, it is now her medium of choice, welcoming the challenge each painting presents to achieve the desired result. In 2004, her new Maine Coon kitten, Wiscky, inspired her to capture his unique personality in on paper, which led her to create charismatic, loving portraits of devoted pets. In each one, she tries to portray the pet’s distinctive personality, developing her own artistic style.