June 2, 2019

Darci Kollios
I am a self taught artist who acquired my fathers paints, brushes and easel less than ten years ago. My entire life has been ruled by color. Being able to release my emotions & tell a personal story through colors, shapes & textures is cathartic & empowering. People respond to my pieces because they reveal & hide everything in exactly the same fashion. They evoke curiosity, confusion, understanding & hopefully an element of "connection." Since birth, I assume, and without a conscious decision, I have collected every glorious, sensual, frightening and provocative image I've ever experienced. The words of a powerful conversation, the simple beauty of nature, the spirit of people I have loved and feared and the dancing hues of light and dark in my dreams were carefully filed away until they had to be released on canvas. In 2014 I was a participating artist in the Beacon Hill Art Walk & the artist of the month at Fornax in Roslindale, MA where I concluded the month with a private showing. Several of my commissioned pieces are hanging at The Inn at Duck Creek in Wellfleet, MA. I create art because I must. Each piece brings me closer and closer to the ANSWER. Just like life, itself.