June 3, 2018

Dominique Lecomte

After a sabbatical year spent to take Art courses at the School of Images in Epinal (France), I started exhibiting oil and acrylic on canvas, then etchings. In 1994, I came to the USA to teach in an international school. 

I gradually specialized in landscapes made with relief printing techniques and watercolors, but I kept using photography as a visual travel log. 

My works are not intended to describe particular places, but the ideas related to them.

I am represented in private and public collections in Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Ecuador, England, France, Japan, Norway, the USA, Spain, Sweden, and in various galleries in Canada, France and the USA (details at www.lecomtedominique.com)

 I want my work to be colorful, warm, and a bit mysterious.  If it makes you smile, or travel, or imagine, I have reached my goal.