June 2, 2019

Felipe Ortiz

Posted in 2018, Painting, Participating Artists

My journey as a professional artist skyrocketed in 2008. That year, my brother visited Boston from our native Colombia and after seeing my paintings, he asked, “Is this the best you can do?” This question marks the existential beginning of my art career. I commemorate my brother who passed away four years ago, and I’m determined to show my best ability as a painter, and in life in general. 

My Fine Arts studies began at Alfred University in 2003-04 and continued at MassArt, where I earned a BFA in 2009 and studied under Kofi Kayiga. While Boston’s skylines captured my interest for realistic interpretations of cityscapes, I remained nostalgic for my native roots. I obtained US citizenship in 2011 and began traveling to Colombia once again. After painting a series of “explosive nature,” I discovered my passion for representing Latin American culture through my art. 

My multicultural upbringing between my native Colombia and the United States has strongly impacted my artistic interests, from Colombia’s vibrant culture, colors, sounds and dense natural scenery, to the States’ vast landscape and fast-paced urban environments. I’ve merged inspirations from each location, such as cityscapes interacting with nature, while birds and vegetation invade confined spaces of structural formations. The result is abstract arrangements based on realism. 

I’ve completed commissions in public and private settings, including the Cambridge Innovation Center, Boston’s DeCordova Museum, and Colombia’s “Muro al Barrio” project. In 2015, I organized the Fresco Exchange for artists in Latin America and the US,  www.frescoexchange.com