June 2, 2019

Janet Zabilski

Posted in 2018, Painting, Participating Artists

Janet Zabilski
My artistic journey has meandered in a less than structured way! I have been drawing and painting since childhood but did not pursue a BA in art. I found that the art classes in the university that I had chosen (and probably in many art programs across the country at that time) were not what I expected. I sought classical art training that would teach me the fundamentals of drawing and painting. What I found was a heavy emphasis on self-expression that seemed to skip over many necessary fundamentals. I chose instead to study the full spectrum of the liberal arts. Always drawing/painting on the side, I found portrait painters and talented artists that could teach and studied under them. I attended many workshops and classes through which I gradually built my body of knowledge. I studied under Daniel Greene at his summer workshops for four consecutive years, the Museum School of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts for two years, and most recently at the Academy of Realist Art in Boston.  

I enjoy portraiture and landscape painting in both pastel and oil.