June 3, 2018

Melissa Rocklen

Posted in 2016, 2017, Participating Artists, Sculpture

Melissa Rocklen

Melissa grew up in a family of artists: her mother is a print-maker and her grandmother was a sculptor. These two women were her first art teachers. In college, Melissa studied painting and print-making at Wesleyan University. In 1999, she received a Thomas J. Watson Fellowship to study mask-making techniques and traditions internationally. Her experience making masks fostered an interest in creating objects that people could wear and interact with. When she returned to the United States, Melissa began making jewelry. She studied metal- and flame-working techniques at the DeCordova Museum and Snow Farm. 

Six years ago, in the middle of a cold, Boston winter, Melissa turned these skills toward making mobiles. She wanted to create something that added color, light, and movement to the January bleakness. Mobiles have a unique capacity to change the ambience of a room, creating balance and harmony. Melissa enjoys observing how people interact with mobiles and hopes to continue making kinetic sculptures that people can both look at and play with.