June 2, 2019

Oana Lauric

Posted in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, Painting, Participating Artists

Oana Lauric

American artist born in Bucharest, Oana Lauric lived in Paris for a decade and is currently working in her studio in Boston. She has a French Architect degree and a Romanian Fine Arts Baccalaureate. Oana worked as an architect and a designer for several years in France and USA, before becoming a professional artist painter in 2001.

"In my paintings, I explore the impact of our environment on our psyche; I believe that the surroundings we create influence the way we behave. The experience of discovering a quality urban environment that stimulates all senses is always a subtle, nevertheless fantastic adventure.

My paintings reflect a voyage, a movement through space and time, a dynamic perception of our man-made environment. Through perceptions of light and shadows, depth and chromatic intensity, matching visual and auditive rhythms or contrasting textures, my intent is to signal the power of our surroundings and hopefully raise expectations in their regards.

"We are shaped by these spaces as much as we shape them!"