June 2, 2019

Susan E. Hanna

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Susan E. Hanna

This award-winning artist presented her art to the public in 2011 and was encouraged by the reception to make the leap to full-time work as an artist. Enjoying the challenge and immediacy of working en plein air, the artist creates many paintings on site. She’s earned a reputation for using lush greens and vibrant blues.

During 2016, Ms. Hanna began to use aluminum and copper composite panels almost exclusively as substrates while working en plein air. Her outdoor sessions last no more than three hours; but she will return to a location on multiple days to capture the image. Metal substrates allow the oil to quickly dry and retain the artist’s expressive brushwork. 
The artist chooses to work in oil because it appears to be alive in the way that the colors continue to blend and change as they dry. She says, “There’s something about making that first large ‘swoop’ of paint and then becoming lost in the medium until the image may be called complete.”

Ms. Hanna spends substantial time during the summers providing en plein air painting demonstrations throughout New England. She has demonstrated her technique for various art associations throughout New Hampshire and earned numerous awards in both juried and non-juried fine art competitions. 
When she isn’t exhibiting at art fairs or painting on site, Ms. Hanna provides private lessons in her Washington Street Mill studio to students of all ages.