June 2, 2019

Sydney Hardin

Posted in 2017, Drawing, Painting, Participating Artists

Sydney Hardin:

I often say that six-year-old me would be really proud of how I turned out. When I was six, I wanted to be four things: an artist, a paleontologist, a veterinarian and a unicorn. Well, two out of four ain't too bad if you ask me. I'll leave it up to you to decipher which two won out, but I'll give you a hint: I have a B.F.A. in Painting and B.A. in Art History from Cornell University and absolutely no background in science. Also, I have this weird bump in the center of my forehead, but we don't have to discuss it.

Pop Zoo is a natural extension of my penchant for parrots, pugs and painting. My pop pet portraits combine a flat, graphic style with bright colors and an obsessive attention to detail to capture your pet's singular personality. I believe that the little details make a portrait come alive, and I have the giant stack of tiny brushes to prove it. It's incredibly rewarding to create these one-of-a-kind gifts celebrating the colorful critters with whom we share our lives and I can't imagine a better job. 

In addition to creating pet portraits, you'll be shocked to learn that I live with a beloved rescue chihuahua and I'm deeply committed to the sentiment of "adopt don't shop". I also foster rescue dogs and I love the chaos and craziness that comes from being a temporary home to these pups.